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How to Work For Your Favourite Rapper – Hopsey

Highly recommend checking out this incredible journey of Negele Hospedales (aka Hopsey) and how he got to work for his favourite rapper at the age of 22. Click below to read about the job application that went viral, his first day on the job, and what it was like being on tour.

“The first day of work is never easy. You hope that your new peers will like you; you hope your new boss will be impressed. Well, today is your first day at your new job… except your job is a cross-country rap-tour, your peers are world-class musicians and your boss, who invited you on said tour, has won a triplet of Grammy awards. He’s 24, and he’s your favorite rapper […]”

– via How To Work For Your Favourite Rapper – Hopsey





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Simon Sinek on Millennials in the Workplace

Check out this clip from Simon Sinek on “Millennials in the Workplace”. Simon touches on the struggles millennials face due to their upbringing and the battle of dealing with workplace stresses. He focuses on how technology, social media addiction, and growing up with participation awards have affected an entire generation of the working population. Highly recommend taking the time to listen!



What are your thoughts on what Simon Sinek presented? Do you agree or disagree with the arguments he brought forward?

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Realistic 2018 New Years Resolutions for Young Professionals

New year, new me? Have you broken your new year resolutions yet? How many times have you promised yourself you would change in the new year but have broken your resolutions by February? We are all guilty breaking some resolutions but here are three that we are taking in 2018.


Speak Up More in Meetings

As young professionals we sometimes feel overshadowed by the wisdom and knowledge of more senior professionals. This year I am trying to force myself to say my opinion, stop fearing the idea of looking “stupid”, and make sure my voice is heard. People will forget the mistakes you made but they wont forget the great ideas you continually bring forward. 


Spend More Time Reviewing Mistakes

It is easy to want to quickly correct and try to distance yourself from mistakes made at work but this year I want to work on learning more from them. Start asking myself what were the actions that lead me there, how can I correct them in the future, and what step can I put in place to keep them from happening again.


Start Celebrating Achievements

We are all our harshest critics and especially at work we can become overly critical about our performance. Take the time out of the day to celebrate the great work you were able to accomplish. Don’t be afraid to humble brag about that new awesome project or the presentation you just nailed. This year be proud of yourself and celebrate the work you do!

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Office Gift Giving Guide

Holiday season can always be a little tricky, especially in the office. Trying to figure out how who you should buy for, how much you should spend, or what to get can be difficult to navigate. Each office is different but here is good starting point for any young professional. Remember to take everything within the context of your own office and don’t be afraid to ask a coworker what they are getting.

What to Buy for Everyone

Holiday Cards. Write everyone on your team a holiday card. It can be as generic as “Wishing you and your family a joyous time this holiday season. Thanks for all the support this year and looking forward to kicking off 2018!” or something more personal. Try to buy a pack of cards that is “generic holiday” in order to keep everyone included. 

What to Buy your Manager

Gift something with meaning or keep it simple. Try and think of something with meaning or something unique to your relationship. Do you always talk about a favorite sport team, TV show or activity? Focus the gift around those items. Another good gift with meaning for manager with children is buying a gift for them instead. Rather than getting them a “#1 Boss” mug, get their 3 year old a Paw Patrol/Frozen/Cars themed activity book. If you can’t think of anything personal there are always simple options such as a bottle of wine or nice chocolates.

What to Buy the CEO

Nothing. Unless you are directly reporting to or working with the CEO on a special project I would advise against it. Feel free to write them a card or wish them a happy new year passing in the halls but don’t feel like you should buy them something.

Have any good gift ideas? Let us know what you are getting your colleagues in the comments below.

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The 5 Whys

Ever find yourself facing the same problems and don’t know why? Or faced with a problem you can’t figure out a solution to? Those who are familiar with kaizen (continuous improvement) will have heard of this problem solving technique before. With more companies adopting this kaizen methodology here is a simple tool you can start using at work today.

The process is known as the 5 whys and is used to help dig deep into problems and find true root cause. It works by taking a problem like “I am always late for my 8 am Monday meetings” and asking yourself why 5 times:

1. Why am I late? Because I hit traffic on my way to work.
2. Why do I hit traffic? Because I leave at the peak of rush hour.
3. Why do I leave at peak time? Because I hit snooze 5 times.
4. Why do I hit snooze 5 times? Because I go to bed too late.
5. Why do I go to bed so late? Because I stayed up watching the new Game of Thrones.

In this example you may have originally thought the traffic was why you were late but the true root cause was Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen keeping you up.

Try using the 5 Whys technique for your own problems and comment down below what root cause you came up with!