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Office Gift Giving Guide

Holiday season can always be a little tricky, especially in the office. Trying to figure out how who you should buy for, how much you should spend, or what to get can be difficult to navigate. Each office is different but here is good starting point for any young professional. Remember to take everything within the context of your own office and don’t be afraid to ask a coworker what they are getting.

What to Buy for Everyone

Holiday Cards. Write everyone on your team a holiday card. It can be as generic as “Wishing you and your family a joyous time this holiday season. Thanks for all the support this year and looking forward to kicking off 2018!” or something more personal. Try to buy a pack of cards that is “generic holiday” in order to keep everyone included. 

What to Buy your Manager

Gift something with meaning or keep it simple. Try and think of something with meaning or something unique to your relationship. Do you always talk about a favorite sport team, TV show or activity? Focus the gift around those items. Another good gift with meaning for manager with children is buying a gift for them instead. Rather than getting them a “#1 Boss” mug, get their 3 year old a Paw Patrol/Frozen/Cars themed activity book. If you can’t think of anything personal there are always simple options such as a bottle of wine or nice chocolates.

What to Buy the CEO

Nothing. Unless you are directly reporting to or working with the CEO on a special project I would advise against it. Feel free to write them a card or wish them a happy new year passing in the halls but don’t feel like you should buy them something.

Have any good gift ideas? Let us know what you are getting your colleagues in the comments below.